inter fsc results

inter fsc results


First Year Result: (1st year)
If you are student of inter fsc results First Year and want to check your 1st year result, You can do that right now, without any delay by entering your roll number or name if the result has been announced by the Board. If you are having any kind of difficulties or problems in checking your result, let us know in the comments below so that we can fix it. It’s easy for you to check your result on our website. All you need to do it click the button below and check your F.A or F.Sc result. Best of luck with your result.

Second Year Result: (2nd year)
You can also check the result of 2nd year on this website. If you are having any kind of problems in checking your result, let us know in the comments below so that we can fix it. The result dates are not confirmed but we will update the website once the results are announced and you can check them whenever you want by clicking the button below. We wish you good luck for your 2nd year results.

How to check the result:
There are a lot of students out there who don’t know the correct method of checking results. They face a number of problems while searching for their results online. We will help you understand the basics of checking results so that you can check your own without any difficulty.
There are two methods you can use for checking your 1st year or second year result:

First Method: By SMS
You can check your result on mobile phone by using this method. Just follow the steps below if you want to use this method for checking your result:.
Note: This method doesn’t require any internet connection but you will be charged for Rs. 3 to 5 if you use this method.

1. Open the “Messages” section in your mobile.

2. Go to “Send Message”

3. In the message box, type your roll number and don’t give any spaces.

4. Send the message to 800292

5. You will receive a responsive SMS within 5 to 30 seconds.

6. If you don’t receive any SMS back, do one of the following things:
1. Check if you have sufficient balance (Rs. 3 to 5 ) for sending this SMS
2. Repeat the process.

Second Method: Here on our Website
We update results instantly so checking your results on our website is also an option for you. We recommend you to check your results on our website because:
1. You don’t need any balance to check your results on our website.
2. This method is completely free
3. You only need an internet connection

Just click the button below if you want to check your first year or second year result and you will be redirected to the result checking page.

By the methods explained above you may have an idea now that it is not difficult to check your First Year or Second Year results anymore. There is a large number of scam websites which can waste your time while you are in hurry to check your result. Stay away from such websites and always make sure the website you are visiting is a legit website that actually updates its results once they are announced.
If you are unable to check your result, just let us know and we will get back to you within a short period of time.

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